The Bridge Between
Physical Things & The Digital World.

We allow anyone to guarantee the identity, authenticity and condition
 of physical items using our new AoT standard and infrastructure.

The world’s first AI solution to securely connect physical assets to digital records with just a smartphone – no embedded elements needed.

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Decentralized Infrastructure

Helping businesses to cut costs, automate processes, increase revenue & brand trust by eradicating counterfeits, false data and manipulation *see how it works*.

An Array of Technological Solutions

Fingerprint Icon

Identity & authenticity protection and verification

Inspection Icon

Condition inspection and quality assurance

Eye Icon

End-to-end traceability and surveillance

Data Veracity Icon

Data veracity & secure provenance

The Authenticity of Things - A Key Trust Factor.

By identifying and capturing the unique material characteristics of physical items, we create fingerprints – the ultimate link to secure physical items to digital ledgers.

Fingerprints are stored in a digital ledger and come in handy whenever verification is needed. With just a smartphone, anyone can identify and verify physical items anytime and anywhere.

Animation of Verification
Animation of Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Automating visual inspection and quality assurance with deep learning.

Any item’s anomalies, defects and flaws can no longer hide and are automatically saved within the item’s digital passport. With AI technology analyzing each item’s data set, shape and structure, the human eye and current vision systems don’t stand a chance.

Audio Inspection

Integrating diagnostic technology based on neural networks to earlier detect broken machines.

By tuning in with audio machine learning technology, mechanical malfunctioning can be predicted earlier on any type of machinery, which will then be automatically saved into the item’s digital passport.

Animation of Audio Inspection
Animation of Life Cycle

Lifecycle of Things (LoT)

Maximizing resource efficiency and ensuring data veracity for physical items during their lifecycle in supply chain networks.

We use cameras, mobile phones, satellite imagery, video/audio installations or other inputs at crucial stages within supply chains. Once set up, our AI-Blockchain solution goes to work and secures end-to-end monitoring for any physical item in every stage of the supply chain.

Item’s Identity Passport
Stored in the Blockchain

Stored in Veracity Protocol’s de­centralized ledger, each identity passport holds a set of records, data and transactions to span across all stages of the item’s lifecycle.

Data immutability is secured through cryptography, you can scale to work with trillions of transactions and remove the need for a trusted central authority.

Animation of Distributed Ledger


Veracity Verifier & Veracity Registry

Both physical and digital worlds can finally be connected, secured and accessed with our Veracity App in any smartphone.

[img] Phone
[img] Desktop

Anyone can now track a physical item’s entire lifecycle and provenance stored in our decentralized Veracity Registry on the blockchain, where all digital passports and data are securely stored.

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Out now
Veracity Art
Anyone can now track a physical item’s entire lifecycle and provenance stored in our decentralized Veracity Registry.
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Decentralized Infrastructure

Helping businesses to cut costs, automate processes, increase revenue & brand trust by eradicating counterfeits, false data and manipulation.


Various Media Inputs

Using available input technology (cameras, mobile phones, satellite imagery) or video/audio installations at crucial stages within the supply chain.

[icon] Decentralized Infrastructure - Step 1


AI Identity Recognition

Our AI software automatically collects all info about a physical item’s identity, authenticity, condition, quality, anomalies and movement.

[icon] Decentralized Infrastructure - Step 2


Storage on Blockchain

All data is continuously and automatically saved into digital passports stored in the blockchain-based Veracity Register to secure data immutability and trust.

[icon] Decentralized Infrastructure - Step 3


Secure Account Ownership

Digital passports can then be accessed and updated by the owner or authorized accounts. All updates and the item’s entire history are permanently tracked and stored.

[icon] Decentralized Infrastructure - Step 4

Real-World Applications

With our partners, we’re proudly developing these real use cases.

[icon] Use Cases - Aerospace


Securing the authenticity and identity of critical aircraft parts.

[icon] Use Cases - Automotive


Designing a fully automated quality monitoring and item tracking.

[icon] Use Cases - Security Papers

Security papers

Recognizing fake banknotes and passports for national banks.

[icon] Use Cases - Luxury

Luxury goods

Solving the problem of counterfeits and ability of customer to verify authenticity.

[icon] Use Cases - Art and Collectibles

Art & Collectibles

A new authenticity standard for artists and provenance systems.

[icon] Use Cases - Commodities


Monitoring and tracking of various commodities and it’s quality and origin.

Our mission is to eliminate false data, manipulation and counterfeits by securing physical items’ data veracity.

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Jakub Krcmar
CEO, Co-founder
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Roman Komarek
Founder, Strategy & Operations
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Kamil Behun
CTO, Co-founder
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Matus Zamborsky
VP of Architecture
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Marvan Shamma
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